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Professional services

We offer FREE consulting worth $750+ to all organizations using AirManual for the first time, and can provide more if you need it.

Screenshot of you working with our consultant on a Zoom call. Our consultant is really happy to see you getting value. You're really happy to be moving fast, avoiding common mistakes, and seeing a real impact. Your junior colleague is also on the call, and is really happy to be involved so you won't become a bottleneck!

Move faster

We'll help you to move faster by following a clear and proven process, while getting feedback and coaching from our experts at every step.

  1. Understand the goal and what good looks like
  2. Decide where to start, and who needs to be involved
  3. Map out the processes
  4. Document your checklists
  5. Review the impact
  6. Repeat

Avoid common mistakes

Why do so many businesses fail to document their processes? Because when they've tried to do so, it's taken too long and hasn't worked as well as expected.

We'll help you to:

  • Avoid creating content that's confusing and difficult to use
  • Avoid wasting time adding detail in the wrong places
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed by big processes like onboarding
  • Avoid many other common mistakes!

See a real impact

Our consultants are focused on making sure the work we do together delivers real value. We'll agree the goals at the start, and review the impact at the end.

When the magic starts happening, you'll be the first to know!

FREE consulting for new customers

We offer free consulting to organizations using AirManual for the first time. We'll help you to move faster and avoid common mistakes.

StarDecide where to start
StarGet the right people involved
StarDocument quickly and effectively
StarAvoid common mistakes
StarReview the impact, and scale up
This is so helpful... I mean it’s all such a mess in my head and you’ve taken it out of my head and it’s brilliant... I feel like we’re getting somewhere.
Katie Bullock, Operations Manager
I’m so pleased you encouraged me to do this with you. I was initially resistant at the start, thinking it wouldn’t be helpful, but I couldn’t see my own blindspots.
Ewan Rayment, Business Owner
I always feel busy IN the business, and struggle to find time to work ON it. Having these calls has been really useful — we’ve created processes that I can now push out.
Andrew Moore, Franchise Owner

Ready to work with us?

All organizations working with AirManual for the first time can benefit from free consulting. Schedule a call — we'd love to discuss how we can help you.