AirManual: The easy way to document your processes and onboarding
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The easy way to document your processes and onboarding

With AirManual, it's easy to combine a checklist with guidance that explains how and why to do each step. Perfect for recurring processes & training.


A home for processes, documentation and training

Make it easy for your team to find documentation and solve their own problems.

Training and onboarding
Processes and SOPs
Policies and best practices

Perfect for the whole business

AirManual works for every team. Start in the area that needs it most, and know that you can scale it up when you're ready.


  • Add a lead to the CRM
  • Run a sales discovery meeting
  • Respond to a customer query
  • Prepare for an on-site visit
  • Onboard a new client


  • Hire a new employee
  • Onboard a new joiner
  • Conduct a performance review
  • Request time off
  • Exit an employee
    Choose your team

    Continuously improve your processes

    Say goodbye to stale documentation. It's easy to review usage, get feedback, and empower your team to make improvements.

    View in-progress and completed checklists
    AirManual page showing a list of in-progress and completed checklists
    Quick and easy to editGet feedback and make improvements

    More than a tool: Free consulting

    We offer free consulting to organizations using AirManual for the first time. We'll help you to move faster and avoid common mistakes.

    StarDecide where to start
    StarGet the right people involved
    StarDocument quickly and effectively
    StarAvoid common mistakes
    StarReview the impact, and scale up
    The impact? AirManual saves us time and money. Once processes are documented, they’re so much quicker. The feedback from team members is that they love it!”
    Samantha Morgan, Business Owner
    It’s given me confidence that the team is now using a standardized approach, and it’s easy to make changes to the checklists when needed.
    Bryony Ward, Enrolments Manager
    The new team member has been able to just get on with his tasks. Without AirManual I'd have to sit next to him every day
    Steve Hewkin, Head of Customer Success
    AirManual has been a great investment. Not just the ROI (of over 4000% so far!), but it’s also accelerated the creation of information that needed creating, such as writing up our core values.
    Georgia Kirke, CEO
    This is so helpful! I mean it’s all such a mess in my head and you’ve taken it out of my head and it’s brilliant I feel like we’re getting somewhere.
    Katie Bullock, Operations Manager
    In the past, we've taken a step forward and then a step backwards. With AirManual, we're just moving forward!
    Jacqueline Frost, Business Owner
    Our new onboarding checklist has already saved lots of time. I no longer need to sit with the new joiner all day. Most importantly, I’m now able to go on maternity leave.”
    Abbie Lamb, Storage Manager
    I was spending 3 hours a day on quoting! Working with the AirManual team, I documented and delegated the whole process in 45 minutes.
    Matt Fillingham, Business Owner
    We've had a shift in mindset: the time we invest equals [future] time saved. This is the solution to our problem.
    Ash Bullock, Business Owner

    Ready to transform your team?

    Documenting best practices, processes and onboarding will help your team to achieve more, with less stress.