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Move faster with clear processes
and role onboarding

Share your processes, training and role onboarding in a format that actually works. AirManual helps teams to move faster, make fewer mistakes, and free up hundreds of hours of leadership time.With AirManual, you'll help your team to move faster, make fewer mistakes, and free up hundreds of hours of leadership time.
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Document processes in a format you can manage

You’ve tried documenting your processes and best practices before, right?

Most teams have, but it never works as well as expected. Documents are easy to ignore, and it’s no fun to maintain content that isn’t being used. 🤦

There are 8 reasons why most documentation is doomed to fail. At AirManual, we address these with guided checklists that are quick to create, easy to manage, and painless to maintain.

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Create onboarding that actually works

The goal of onboarding is to get an employee feeling happy and confident all areas of their role.

But most onboarding falls short. Training gets forgotten. Documentation gets ignored. Mistakes are frequent. It slows teams down to a crawl.

By combining onboarding with clear processes, AirManual accelerates learning and reduces mistakes. With onboarding that actually works, you'll save your team months of effort and stress.

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Start seeing the benefits of clear processes

There are many best-selling books that cover the benefits of clear processes. AirManual finally gives you a practical and scalable way to deliver these.

    • 🧠
      Get knowledge out of people's heads
    • 💪
      Help teams to make fewer mistakes and continuously improve
    • Free up leadership time
    • 🏖️
      Enjoy long vacations without team members needing your support
    • 😅
      Stop worrying about team members leaving (and taking knowledge with them)
    • 🚀
      Help teams to move faster, with less stress
It’s given me confidence that the team is now using a standardized approach, and it’s easy to make changes to the checklists when needed.
Bryony Ward Enrolments manager at Buttercups
Bryony Ward
Enrolments manager at Buttercups
AirManual has saved me hundreds of hours onboarding new team members. And it’s accelerated the creation of information that needed creating, such as writing up our core values.
Georgia Kirke CEO at Write Business Results
Georgia Kirke
CEO at Write Business Results
Should I hire? Before AirManual, I always felt that I didn't have the time. That feeling's gone.
Nathan Blair Founder at The Somatic School
Nathan Blair
Founder at The Somatic School
4.9 / 5* on Capterra (21 reviews)
“We understand how it feels when you’re working around the clock... supporting tasks that you’ve hired other team members to do!”

5 steps to fix your processes and onboarding

Ready to help your team to move faster, make fewer mistakes, and free up your time?

1. Find the best place to start

A common mistake is to try and document too much, too soon. Schedule a demo with one of our experts, and we’ll help you to prioritize the best way to achieve your business goals.

2. Create placeholders

Your team will love seeing what processes and policies exist, when they should be used, and who’s responsible for them.

3. Document your processes

It takes minutes to document a process as a guided checklist. List out the high-level steps, and add in guidance and forms where needed.

4. Keep everyone accountable

It’s easy to see who’s responsible, when checklists are used, and when they need updating. Hold your team accountable for both their responsibilities and continuous improvement.

5. Decide what to systemize next

The key to success is to be agile — keep prioritizing the biggest challenges that are slowing you down the most, and scale it across other teams when you're ready.
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We recommend talking with one of our experienced consultants. As well as giving a demo, we'll help you to get clear on where to start, and how to get the results you're looking for.