Create interactive documents that make processes feel simple

With AirManual, it's easy to combine a form or checklist with guidance that explains how and why to do each step. Perfect for recurring processes and training.


Hello there! πŸ‘‹

I’m Paddy, CEO here at AirManual.

Like you, I get frustrated when company processes are inefficient and ineffective. When the same issues keep happening. And when new team members struggle to get up to speed with how things work.

The solution seems obvious: Create checklists! Document your processes! Get everything working like clockwork!

But what tool should you use?

Workflow tools are too complex, and specialist tools too expensive and inflexible.

So we resort to documents, spreadsheets, online forms, and sticky tape.


It kind of works. But it doesn’t look great. It's not easy to manage and scale. Other team members don’t feel comfortable making updates, and so the content quickly gets stale.

We want to help you fix this.

Our goal? To remove all friction from documenting, sharing, managing and improving processes.

AirManual does this in many ways, starting with a document editor that lets you combine interactive checklists, forms, guidance and training.

You can create processes that look great, scale well, and can even include automated steps such as emails and triggering other processes.


Sound interesting? We'd love to talk - schedule a demo below and we'll review if AirManual is a great fit for you!

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