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How to Free Up 15 Hours Per Week and Remove the Constant Stress of Running a Business (Without Slowing Down Growth)

Alexis Kingsbury
Speaker: Alexis KingsburySerial entrepreneur, CEO, board member, business advisor and consultant.
Doug Bennett
Guest speaker: Doug BennettEntrepreneur, Author of "Think Simple Win Big" and Podcast Host of “Goals Do Come True”

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Thursday, February 16th 2023
Time: 13:30 UTC
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Are you struggling to find time and mental space to get your big goals done?

In this webinar, I'll be joined by Doug Bennett, author of several best-selling books on personal development and leadership, as we show you how to:

👉 Quickly free up 15 hours (per week!)

👉 Stop costly mistakes and fire-fighting that sap your mental energy

👉 Get new team members supporting your goals 8x faster and with 78% less effort

The challenges you're facing are normal, and we've experienced them too. But it took us years of struggle to work out the solution. The business best-sellers point at the possible solution, but don’t give you the tactics you need to actually make it work.

In this free online training session, we'll give you the tactics you need to succeed. For 1 hour of your time, we promise to give you many, many hours back.

Join us as we share our insights, experiences, and strategies for finding time and delivering results. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alexis and Doug

Feedback for previous workshops led by Alexis

That was the most useful session I’ve attended in years — it was eye-opening, but also so practical! The exercise helped me get clarity that I’d never had before!

Alison Boyle, Owner of LA Marketing

Many people have said that it was the most impactful and helpful session at our Mastermind event. People felt they were being spoken to by someone who really understood their pain.

Kevin Hall, Dan Bradbury Ltd

Great presentation, I just wish Alexis was around when I was starting my business ten years ago!

Dino Tartaglia, Business Growth Hackers

What you'll learn

StarWhy important goals often get de-prioritized, forgotten or under-resourced
StarHow to quickly free up 15+ hours /week (and make sure that documentation efforts always give a ROI in 1-3 weeks)
StarHow to get new team members up-to-speed and supporting your goals in days rather than months
StarHow to empower your team to spot issues, improve processes, and manage the business… even if you are out of the business for 6+ weeks
StarHow removing all this stress and freeing up your time will help you unlock growth and achieve your goals
StarQ&A: You’ll get the chance to share your questions both in advance and in the webinar.

Our guest: Doug Bennett

The Goals Guy® | Director of Financial Freedom® | Work Optional Lifestyle Financial Planner® | Speaker | Author of "Think Simple Win Big" & Podcast Host of “Goals Do Come True” | Entrepreneur

Doug Bennett

Doug Bennett is the director of Financial Freedom™, Work Optional Lifestyle Financial Planner™, a mortgage broker, coach, mentor, author and renowned international speaker.

He’s been doing financial planning for over 30 years and has been working with well-respected executives, entrepreneurs and business owners in the financial industry and other business realms to help them set and achieve their goals.

Doug is a best-selling author of "Think Simple Win Big" and "Goals Do Come True".

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