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How to Set Up An Employee Onboarding Process That Actually Works In Just 2 Weeks

Alexis Kingsbury
Speaker: Alexis KingsburySerial entrepreneur, CEO, board member, business advisor and consultant.

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The goal of onboarding is to get an employee feeling happy and confident in all areas of their role.

But most onboarding falls short.

  • Training gets forgotten.
  • Documentation gets ignored.
  • Mistakes are frequent.

It’s actually worse than that...

Training eats up days of your team’s time. Documentation takes weeks. And with the mistakes and constant support… it’s not uncommon for key team members to lose months.

Poor onboarding will cost your business tens — or even hundreds — of thousands of pounds. For every hire.

But there is another way.

Join me on this webinar, and I'll show you how to create an onboarding process that actually works.

And I'll show you how to move quickly, so you can make a huge impact even if you have a new team member about to start (or who has recently started!)

I can't wait to see you there 👋

Alexis Kingsbury

Feedback for previous workshops led by Alexis

That was the most useful session I’ve attended in years — it was eye-opening, but also so practical! The exercise helped me get clarity that I’d never had before!

Alison Boyle, Owner of LA Marketing

Many people have said that it was the most impactful and helpful session at our Mastermind event. People felt they were being spoken to by someone who really understood their pain.

Kevin Hall, Dan Bradbury Ltd

Great presentation, I just wish Alexis was around when I was starting my business ten years ago!

Dino Tartaglia, Business Growth Hackers

What you'll learn

StarHow bad onboarding is hurting your business
StarThe 7 mistakes most organizations are making
StarHow to set up onboarding that actually works
StarHow to move quickly when your new joiner starts in less than 2 weeks (!)
StarQ&A: You’ll get the chance to share your questions both in advance and in the webinar.

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