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De-stress Your Business

In our weekly podcast, our co-founders Paddy and Alexis share how to get incredible results in your business (without constant stress!)


Episode 56

Preparing for the Big Event

Episode 55

Stress-free Money Management, with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Episode 54

Introduce AI Into Your Business The Pragmatic Way

Episode 53

Killing a 7-Figure Business Due to the Stress, with Gary Das

Episode 52

Reducing Feast and Famine in Business, with Cordelia Kate

Episode 51

How to Turn AI into Your Best Junior Employee

Episode 50

Creating Grown-up Businesses with Paul Avins

Episode 49

The Risks That AI Presents to Your Business

Episode 48

How to Survive 48 Business Acquisitions, with Jonathan Jay

Episode 47

What You NEED to Know About AI and ChatGPT

Episode 46

Why You Need to Take a 4 Week Holiday (as a Business Owner)

Episode 45

What’s Your Life Changing Goal for 2023?

Episode 44

The Process That Tried to Ruin Christmas

Episode 43

How To Get on Top of Your Business Finances

Episode 42

Remove the Stress From Getting New Clients, with Arfa Iqbal

Episode 41

Line Managers Need Onboarding Too

Episode 40

What’s Your Life Changing Goal?

Episode 39

Remove Your Key Person Dependencies

Episode 38

Stop the Same Mistakes From Happening Again and Again

Episode 37

Don’t Think You’re Process Oriented? Think Again

Episode 36

How to Explain What Your Business Does, with Garth Jemmett

Episode 35

When Should a Business Start Working on Their Processes?

Episode 34

Most Leaders Can Free Up 15 Hours Per Week

Episode 33

Holding Onto Great Candidates You Can’t Hire Right Now

Episode 32

The Easy Way to Manage Job Applicants

Episode 31

How to Assess Someone’s Capability to Do the Job

Episode 30

How to Interview for Culture Fit

Episode 29

A Simple Way to Define Your Core Values

Episode 28

Why [Clear] Core Values Are a Game Changer

Episode 27

How to Review Skills-fit Before the First Interview

Episode 26

Don’t use CVs or resumes to filter candidates (!)

Episode 25

How We Get over 1000 Applicants for Every Role

Episode 24

What Is an A-Player and Can I Really Afford to Hire One?

Episode 23

How to Manage Effectively When You Wear Many Hats

Episode 22

How to Manage Your Employee Onboarding Process

Episode 21

How to Make Employee Onboarding Self-Service

Episode 20

How to Start Employee Onboarding Before Day One

Episode 19

The Essential Steps for a Role Onboarding Process

Episode 18

The Essential Steps for a Company Onboarding Process

Episode 17

Why Software Engineers Hate Documenting (And How to Help)

Episode 16

How to Deliver Employee Onboarding That Doesn’t Suck (And Frees Up 100s of Hours of Your Time)

Episode 15

Why Most Employee Onboarding Sucks

Episode 14

Stop the Rot: How to Make Sure Content Doesn’t Go Stale

Episode 13

How to Make Sure Documentation Actually Gets Used (!)

Episode 12

How to Create Checklists Your Team Will Love 😍

Episode 11

The Pyramid of Guidance Your Team Needs

Episode 10

The 8 Reasons Why Most Documentation is Doomed to Fail (Part 2)

Episode 9

The 8 Reasons Why Most Documentation is Doomed to Fail (Part 1)

Episode 8

When the S**t Hits the Fan: How to Reduce Stress When Faced with Major Incidents

Episode 7

The Agenda for a Really Effective Team Meeting

Episode 6

Meetings Are Your Friend (— Here’s How to Use Them)

Episode 5

Don’t Blame Your Colleague (It’s a Process Issue, Not a People Issue)

Episode 4

How to Deal With Issues (And Avoid Conflict)

Episode 3

The Types of Task You Should Be Delegating

Episode 2

How to Free Up 15 Hours (Per Week!)

Episode 1

How to De-stress Your Business

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