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Customer story

Write Business Results cuts employee onboarding time by 200 hours (each!)

AirManual helped the CEO at Write Business Results to free up hundreds of hours of her time, while also helping the sales team to get better results.

In 2021, Georgia Kirke (CEO, Write Business Results) was facing a challenge that almost every small business owner goes through: How do I continue growing my business when supporting the team takes up so much of my time?

She was stuck in a catch-22 situation. Her sales team lacked the guidance they needed to effectively sell and upsell without her support. But Georgia didn’t have the time to solve this problem, as she needed to get heavily involved in every sales conversation.

There were a few big challenges holding her back:

  • A lot of key business knowledge was in Georgia’s head, preventing her existing team from working independently of her
  • Georgia had tried sharing this guidance before, but didn’t have a standard and effective way of doing so
  • As a result, Georgia rarely saw a great return on the time she invested trying to solve this problem

An effective way of sharing guidance, focused on the biggest opportunity

It was clear from the first conversation that AirManual could help to remove the barrier holding Georgia and her business back.

In AirManual, it’s trivial to capture processes and training, starting at a high level, and adding detailed guidance where it’s really needed.

We helped Georgia to identify the specific checklists and training to focus on first. This included:

  • A training checklist that introduced each of Georgia’s products and services, giving a lot of the context her team needed for selling and upselling
  • Fixing all of the inaccuracies
  • An onboarding process for new sales team members
  • Supporting checklists that can be referred to both during onboarding, and while actually doing the job

A huge impact including 200 hours saved in onboarding

Georgia’s primary goal was to free up her time, and she saw results immediately.

She had a new sales team member starting, and would typically have spent around 23 hours supporting them in their first week. Instead she needed just 5 hours — an immediate saving of 18 hours!

Over the course of the probation period for that new team member, she went onto save over 200 hours. Looking at how she would use these 200 hours, Georgia valued this time as being worth up to £30,000.

Having invested less than 10 hours working with AirManual, the return on investment of both cost and time was staggering.

There were huge benefits and time savings in supporting the existing team. The sales team were unblocked from selling and upselling independently. And many of the documents created for the new joiner were hugely valuable for existing team members.

The rest of the team can now sell independently of me... Which in terms of financial goals for the company is incredible!
Georgia Kirke CEO at Write Business Results
Georgia Kirke
CEO at Write Business Results

Continuing the journey

Since 2021, Georgia and her team have continued to reap the benefits from their initial investment in time.

They’ve then gone onto document their wider processes and onboarding for other roles in AirManual.

The team saw a great result in the summer of 2022. Georgia had to take some unexpected time away from the business, but the team were able to continue delivering results in her absence.

Of particular note, a new team member started while she was away. Another member of Georgia’s team was able to use the documented processes and support the onboarding, end-to-end.

AirManual has saved me hundreds of hours onboarding new team members. And it’s accelerated the creation of information that needed creating, such as writing up our core values.
Georgia Kirke CEO at Write Business Results
Georgia Kirke
CEO at Write Business Results

Key learnings from this story

In this customer story, Georgia faced a classic challenge: she had too many issues taking her time, and no time to fix the issues!

To address this, an important part of Georgia’s journey was talking to an expert from the AirManual team. We helped Georgia look at how better documentation would solve specific challenges that were holding her team back.

This focus led to a huge amount of time saved for Georgia. Once this had been done, she had more time to think about wider opportunities for improving documentation and onboarding.

We highly recommend that you start your journey with the support of an expert. This is something you’ll get for free when you schedule a demo.

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